Durable by design.  Porcelain tile comes in a variety of finishes and keeps up with the demands of high traffic areas.  Perfect for residential or commercial interior and exterior spaces.

Porcelain tiles collage



Cement tile offers an earthy matte finish with brilliant and artistic patterns.  This is a smart choice for residential or commercial interiors and exteriors.

cement tile samples



Terrazzo is made from all-natural elements.  It is non-allergenic, natural, chemical free, mold resistant, non-flammable and is not affected by humidity. It can be used outdoors and can be re-polished over time.

terrazzo tile samples



The natural color and texture variations of shell add an accent of luminescence and shimmer.  Shell can be used in wet areas like showers and is ideal for indoor use and outdoor bar areas.



Metals can enhance, contrast or complement any material. From brass with its warm golden tones, to stainless steel for its modern look, to copper that illuminates a mosaic, or to the subtle yet very sophisticated gunmetal.  Natural oxidation over time changes appearance and luster to a patina look. Some metals may not be suitable for wet areas.

tiles with metal collage



Terracotta is a special mixture of different clays that make it suitable for indoor floor traffic and wall installations. Small imperfections such as tiny cracks and chips that add character to the rustic nature of the material.

terra-cotta collage


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